Top 100 SEO Writing Tools to Increase Google Traffic 2024

Do you want to start producing content that gets ranked? These 100 SEO writing tools will assist you in creating content that is better for both your audience and search engines.

Top 100 SEO Writing Tools to Increase Google Traffic 2024
Top 100 SEO Writing Tools to Increase Google Traffic 2024

Even if Google now has a greater understanding of humans than ever before (this is true every day, by the way), producing good copy alone is not enough to create material that ranks.

Yes, you still need to produce quality copy.

Additionally, conduct your keyword and competitor research, optimise your HTML tags, apply schema, and there are 700 more items on the list.

You can keep track of all the moving parts with the aid of the tools provided here.

Each SEO writing tools of these tools is a dependable ally that can take care of your content’s optimisation, readability, or both at once.

1.All-In-One SEO & Writing Tools

SEMrush Writing Assistant

One of the cornerstones of the overall SEO sector is SEMrush.

SEMrush Writing Assistant
SEMrush Writing Assistant

Simply type your material in their Writing Assistant after entering the keywords you want to rank for.

SEMrush divides your text into 4 key sections:

  • Originality
  • voice inflection
  • Readability
  • Seo

You are then given suggestions on how to make each of these components better.

Writing Assistant consults the extensive SEO resources of SEMrush to provide you with optimisation guidance.

You’ll be taken care of, from reminding you to include your goal keywords in your title to offering additional keywords to bolster your text.


The Writing Assistant has several features that are free to use. But you’ll need to purchase a Guru plan, which costs $199.95/mo, in order to receive some recommendations on how to write better copy and some in-depth SEO statistics.

2. Yoast’s Real Content Analysis


The most popular SEO plugin for WordPress right now is without a doubt, Yoast. Their SEO content production tool combines a variety of writing tools and SEO guidance.

It’s a cloud service, just like SEMrush’s Writing Assistant, so you can sign up whenever you want and start writing. Yoast, on the other hand, offers you a tonne of free SEO guidance.

You may write and change the ideal title and meta description with Yoast’s Real-Time Content Analysis and instantly see how they will appear in the SERP.

It is one of the best tools for in-the-moment text analysis and modification when used in conjunction with certain integrated on-page analysis.


Real-Time Content Analysis by Yoast can be used without cost. You won’t pay a dime to use Yoast to determine your SEO content score, and you can do it as frequently as you like.

3. WebSite Auditor’s Content Editor


In essence, Content Editor is a word processor with SEO features added by WebSite Auditor (disclaimer: this is a programme created by my firm SEO PowerSuite).

You’ll learn some important SEO tips while you write your future page.

You receive a sample SERP when you fill up your title and meta description. You’ll be able to see how your title and meta description will appear as well as how the largest competitors in your niche complete theirs. By doing so, you’ll be able to modify your HTML tags to comply with the most effective SEO techniques.

You may always check if you’ve added all of your target keywords using the keyword counter.

The page you’re writing is also routinely checked for on-page SEO problems, and you’re shown the issues you’ve missed and the best solutions.

Additionally, you’ll have access to an automatically curated and completely configurable list of specialised competitors because competitor research is essential for effective content production.


The free edition of the programme includes Content Editor as a module in WebSite Auditor.

Just the ‘SEO’ Part Tools

4. KWFinder

One of the tools that adds SEO in “SEO Writing” is KWFinder. It is not just the fact that it offers a tonne of keyword recommendations that makes it a fantastic tool for keyword research.It’s wonderful since it gives you access to detailed keyword information like exact search volume, CPC prices, and historical term popularity trends.

Additionally, it will provide you with a summary of the current SERP results for your keyword, providing you the chance to copy the finest SEO practises.


The Basic plan costs $49 per month for 100 daily keyword lookups, the Premium plan costs $69 for 500 daily keyword lookups, and the Agency plan costs $129 per month for 1,200 daily keyword lookups.There’s also a free 1o-day trial available.

5-Viable Alternatives

Answer the Public is a fantastic substitute that earns top marks for style if, for reasons of cost or convenience, you prefer to go with something else.

A fantastic tool for lesser volume keyword research is Keyword Sheeter, which gives you a tonne of keyword recommendations and only charges you for the in-depth information on certain phrases.

You can use Ubersuggest or the regrettably costly Keyword Eye for data.

You might want to have a look at Keyword WordStream if what you need is a list of keyword suggestions based on what you already rank for specifically in Bing.

10. Keyword Density Checker


The purpose of the Keyword Density Checker by Small SEO Tools is to assist us in avoiding the traps of keyword stuffing.

Simple to use, the tool just that you enter your content (up to 2,000 characters) or a URL. After running the questioned page through the programme, the application provides you with a thorough assessment on your SEO writing.

You receive a breakdown of your most used keywords along with information on whether you have used them in HTML tags.

The most significant thing is that the keywords you’ve used will be presented along with their density, making it simple for you to avoid overusing them and risking penalties.


Anyone can use the free Keyword Density Checker provided by Small SEO Tools.

11- Viable Alternatives

Take a look at WordCounter. It functions similarly to the Keyword Density Checker, with the exception that you can paste any size text; there is no 2,000 character limit here.

IMN’s Onscreen Optimisation Tool is a fantastic additional tool for improving your SEO authoring.

This tool also gives you access to your page’s HTML code directly from the app, as well as a breakdown of your page’s link profile.

You can use it in conjunction with SEOscout’s Google SERP Simulator or totheweb’s Title & Description Checker, both of which are free tools that let you see how your page’s title and meta description will appear on the SERP.

Tools for Just the ‘Writing’ Part

12 Grammarly


It is barely necessary to introduce Grammarly. However, it would be unjust to leave it out while discussing the top resources for writing assistance.

This should be the cornerstone of your SEO writing arsenal if you require a thorough spell-checker, a writing assistance, and a grammatical expert in a single, seamless package.

Every content you write should be proofread with Grammarly, regardless of whether you’re just producing a new page or editing a current one.


Yes, you can utilise the free version.

However, you might wish to upgrade to the Premium subscription, which will cost you $29.95/mo, so that your writing objectives are saved to your profile and your stuff is checked for plagiarism.

16-20: Workable Substitutions
ProWritingAid is a less expensive tool that covers a lot of the same ground.

In no time at all, you’ll be writing stronger texts thanks to the AI that is devoted to correcting your language.

And if the plagiarism detector is what you miss most about Grammarly’s free edition, try PaperRater or Copyscape. Those are two of the top tools for detecting plagiarism.

You might also contact Ginger. You can use it as a grammar checker and a translator into one of the 40 supported languages.

Additionally, you can utilise SpellCheck Plus if you are confident in your grammar and need some vocabulary assistance.

13. Hemingway App


It adds clarity and boldness to your writing.

Despite the fact that Hemingway himself tended to write convoluted lines, his reputation as a master of concision endures.

Making your work easier to read is the main goal of the Hemingway App. It will give you synonym suggestions, check your passive voice usage, and generally make your work as readable as possible.


Hemingway’s online version can be used without cost.

However, a desktop app will cost $19.99, so plan accordingly. Additionally, this would enable you to post as soon as you are done writing.

14: Viable Alternatives

Slick Write is a fantastic tool that was developed for students but from which we may all gain. With the help of the Associator module in this programme, you may find a tonne of associations for any term.

Read-Able and Airstory are two excellent readability apps overall.

The first compares your text to a wide range of readability measures. The latter is a better free tool for content development even though it provides fewer stats.

A different tool to improve readability is Language Tool. Additionally, you receive a browser add-on with it, which is quite useful for all kinds of copywriters.


Today, every material is created with SEO in mind.

And all writing ought to follow SEO guidelines.

Today, writing readable, effective copy goes hand in hand with optimising it.

Search engine demands are already beginning to match those of actual users.

For this reason, addressing both aspects of SEO writing is essential to producing material that is both highly ranked and profitable.

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